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NCC_1135Hello! I’m Kylie.

First things first, I absolutely love food.  Die-hard “foodie” here.  I could literally spend all day either a) scouring through cookbooks, magazines, and the Internet for new recipes to try or b) in the kitchen concocting new things. Good thing I actually do have a life and do not embarrassingly spend my entire day thinking about food.  Okay only most of the day.  Okay just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, my intense love of food started at a very young age and inspired me to earnestly help my mother with dinner and baking. Many of my fondest memories often involve food of some sort.. Is that sad? Possibly. In college, I regularly cooked dinner for myself and honestly I was a little embarrassed by it, so I tried to cook when my roommates weren’t around! However, I am no longer ashamed of my cooking and I will proudly make delicioso (is that a word?) food for my friends and family until the day I die. Though I mostly just cook for my hubby. He loves it, although I’m pretty sure he takes it for granted. 😉 We’ve been married for 2 years now!

I graduated in 2012 from Arizona State University with a degree in Dietetics (it’s a Nutrition major).  I am not a dietitian, however.  As of yet!  I gave birth to my sweet baby girl a month after graduating and this has prevented me from pursuing a dietetic internship.  That was my choice, however.  I absolutely WANT to be a stay-at-home mom and I love it! Perhaps someday I will get a job in the nutrition field, but as for now I feel like I have a really good nutrition knowledge and I love to make healthy, delicious meals for my family.

MY FOOD PHILOSOPHY:  I wholeheartedly believe in moderation when it comes to eating.  I do NOT believe in diets.  None of them work.  If there’s one thing I learned in all of my college courses, it is that simple fact.  Based on a research study, it was found that 95% of people who lose weight on diets (yes people DO lose the weight) regain all or more of that weight within 5 years.  Diets are not healthy and starve your body of much needed nutrients (prime example= low-carb diets. I HATE them and you should too.  They’re not doing anyone any favors except forcing your body into a sort of starvation and they do not work!).  Rather, I believe in following a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Our daily diets should be rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat and fat-free dairy, lean proteins and plenty of water.  Food= FUEL. I also am entering the world of unprocessed, REAL food! I have been learning recently how much America and most of the world relies on processed junk food full of additives, artificial dyes, genetically modified organisms and refined sugars/flour.  I believe our bodies do not function at their best when fed all of these chemicals and non-natural substances. Therefore I also will be focusing on real foods, how to incorporate them into our diet and recipes that include them.

However, I am a total advocate of great tasting food.  I am obsessed with food, and and not the bland or boring kinds mind you!  You definitely should enjoy everything you put into your mouth!  I do like to make healthy recipes and sub out ingredients for healthier ones, but, occasionally you just gotta have that piece of cake (or pie, or chicken alfredo or whatever!) in all its buttery, fatty glory.  As long as you aren’t eating cake for every meal, and you DO eat healthily most of the time, splurging occasionally is alright.  At least that’s what I believe!  So you will find healthy and not-so-healthy recipes on this site. I have categorized them for you.  Use at your own discretion! 🙂

Other random facts…

  • I’m an Arizona girl.
  • I loooooove chocolate. Especially Dove’s dark chocolate. Gimme. I can’t say no.
  • I’m a stay-at-home mom and a piano teacher to some pretty great kids
  • In fact, other than food, music makes me the very happy!
  • I love thunderstorms. The scarier the storm, the better.
  • Obsessed with cats.  My husband hates them. I want to cry.
  • Was a cheerleader for 10 years. Not sure if I can still do flips but I wanna try soon.
  • Pinterest is my guilty pleasure and total weakness.
  • I wish I had more time to read because it’s another one of my favorites that usually gets pushed aside.
  • I look up anything and everything on Google. iPhone are so handy when you need to know how to do…. anything.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Kylie,
    I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this new blog! Looks great too! I would check your old one like every other day, because obviously I’m a die-hard foodie too! So you can count on me to be a devoted reader and recipe-tryer! Also, I just have to say that our “food philosophies” are identical! I totally agree about diets being unhealthy, etc. I wish more people understood the importance of simply living a healthy lifestyle and understanding moderation and clean eating! Love it!

    • Thanks Jacquie!! That means so much! I often feel like no one reads my blog haha so it’s great to know someone does! I love your blog as well and now that I have WordPress it’s a lot easier to follow you! Their iPhone app is better than blogger I feel like. And yay I’m glad you feel the same way about diets and healthy eating!! 🙂

      • Yes – I LOVE the WordPress app! Haha. It is a little disheartening though that it’s so complicated for non-WP users to follow.. Also glad to know someone out there reads mine too! 🙂

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